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I'm putting this here so I don't lose it. But the other writers on my f-list might appreciate it, as well.

Taken from Neil Gaiman's blog.

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I haven't done a meme in a while... so I did a bunch!

Icon Meme stolen from joyinthedance. I used the icons from all three of my accounts because... well, I just love them all. I have way too many, and that's even after the extra icons space on day_eight has expired!

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Fandom Meme stolen from psky.

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Shipping meme stolen from joyinthedance.

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Meme stolen from doomcake:

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

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I think that should be enough memes for a while...

I'm taking a road trip! Fifteen to seventeen hours of driving and one hell of an exciting experience. I hope.

I'm going to be an extra in a movie. I'm still kind of reeling; I never expected to get accepted. But, I got an email about it last week and a call today, and it looks like I'm going to be on a real live movie set Friday and Saturday! They wanted me to go on Thursday for a bar fight scene, but the people in that scene will need to go back on July 2nd.

It's not a real big film... it's about a rookie detective who has to investigate the killing of a boy but gets thwarted by the townspeople. Vincent D'Onofrio is in it, along with Nick Stahl and Mary Kate Olsen (bleh). Buuut... one of my favorite actors of all time is also in it: Norman Reedus. I think it's reasonable to say that I'm pretty freaking excited.

I'm leaving tomorrow night after Jon gets home from work and getting back late Sunday night. I can't wait!

Me -> Jazz Hands

Yes, I know that you're sleeping...


[massive amounts of keyboard smashing and flailing]


I might have lost it for real this time.

Me -> Pheonix
My tattoos are done! I've spammed Twitter with pics, so now I've come here to spam LiveJournal.

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I am ridiculously happy with the results. I now have seven tattoos in total... but I'm not stopping any time soon!

13th-Jun-2009 10:01 am - He who hesitates is a damned fool.
The new Black Eyed Peas album really grew on me.

While at the bar, I sat in between two half-brothers who had never met each other until last night. They spoke once, and then proceeded to ignore each other. It was a bit awkward.

My elementary/middle school crush was at the bar last night. He came up to me and started talking about a very heart-felt four page letter that I wrote him when I was in fifth grade. It was sort of nostalgic. He asked for my phone number. I just smiled and walked away. He was too cool for me in school.

Speaking of... it always amuses me to go out and see all the jocks and preps from back in school. I used to think that they were untouchable. Poor, little, nerdy me. Ha. But now the girls are all scary-looking and the guys are... well, some of them are still cute, but a lot of them have turned into plain joes. And it's especially amusing when these guys, who were too cool to speak to me in school, come up to me and pretend like they were never assholes. Men. So predictable.

It's so freaking gorgeous outside today.

The lilac bush in between my house and the neighbors' blooms about two weeks after all the other ones have finished blooming. It's kind of amazing... I get lilacs for twice as long. The smell is wafting in through the window and it is absolutely divine.

I'm getting my tattoos in a few hours. Excitement x Infinity.

Shoe Love
I have a feeling that this post is going to turn into a random heap of blathering. So...

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Rambling is good for the soul.

Oh, and my pictures from England are up here.

Fire Leaves
I'm freaking tired.

Terminator Salvation was good. I've been completely spoiled with movies this year. Star Trek, Angels and Demons, Rise of the Lycans, Wolverine... so many great films. And there are still many more to come. Half Blood Prince, Public Enemies, Transformers 2, Inglorious Basterds, GI Joe... and let's not forget the most important of all: All Saints Day. Yes, a good year for movies, indeed.

I've been itching to write. It really started to kick in when I got back from the movie tonight. There's just something about a good film that makes me want to write. I'm just... feeling a bit apprehensive when it comes to writing. I could write one of my rare pairings that no one will read... or I could write for SPN. I really want to write for SPN, but I'm still really nervous about writing for such a massive fandom. My first fic did well, but that only makes me want to do better the second time around. I'm being really superficial... but oh well.

I've also been feeling the urge to go back and write for a few movies that I really love. I never thought I'd branch out into any non-anime fandoms, but now that I have... all the ideas that I've gotten over the years are coming back to me.

Anyways. If anyone wants to friend/check out my non-anime writing journal, it's over at colddustgirl. There's not much there right now--just one fic, a meme, and some icons. I'm ridiculously proud of my layout, though. Normal warnings for yaoi apply over there... along with a new one for incest. Yes, yes. I am going to hell. As long as Azazel and Alastair are there, I could care less.

I guess I'm taking a bit of a break from Bleach. Ulquiorra's death broke my heart, and my will to follow Bleach along with it. I just... can't. I could go on a huge rant about Ulquiorra's death and the situation preceding it, but I'd rather just pretend that it didn't happen.

I started doing P90X again. Well... not really 'again.' I tried it once, but I didn't follow the correct schedule, I just picked the workouts that weren't too hard. So this time I'm doing it right. I could only make it through two thirds of Core Synergistics today, but the parts I couldn't do were all funky push-ups, and I've never had great upper body strength.

Uh... I forgot the point of this post. Freaking tired leads to rambling!

Oh, and if I don't have you on Twitter already, I'm simply_day over there, too.

I keep forgetting to update here... Twitter has kind of taken over.

I'm back, I'm exhausted, and I shall post pictures just as soon as I get my house sorted out. I think I might go see Terminator Salvation tomorrow. Has anyone seen it? Has anyone liked it?

Meme stolen from the lovely joyinthedance.

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Aidan's birthday pictures!

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Sooo I'm off to do some shopping. I hope everyone's having a great day!

Oh, and by the way, does anyone need Dreamwidth codes? I have a few, so let me know. First come, first served. <3

Aidan -&gt; Huge Smile
It's Aidan's third birthday today. We're having a small get-together tomorrow with my parents, Jon's parents, Jon's grandma, and Aidan's half brother.

I wanted to make something unique and fun, and once I saw these beach themed cupcakes on Bakerella's site, I knew I had to make them!


I made the chocolate cupcakes from scratch, using the recipe on the back of the Hershey's cocoa box. I always add an extra egg, a bit more cocoa, and a bit more sugar. Just my preference. Then I took a tub of Pillsbury cream cheese frosting (I hate making frosting from scratch), added some food coloring, and frosted the cupcakes. For the sand I used graham cracker crumbs. The inner tubes are Gummi Life Savers and the floaties/towels are Fruit Roll Ups. Tomorrow I'm going to add some Goldfish for little fishes. I used a toothpick and some food coloring to fill in the eyes and mouths... and also used a toothpick to put the little frosting bathing suits on. They're not exactly perfect, but I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out!

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My baby boy is three! :)

I'm your huckleberry.